Organization Structure


Academic Supporting Services Centers

  • Information Technology Services

The Center provides computing facilities and integrated institution methods for the use of IT in degree programs. Computer sites are located around the campus and offer access to a range of networked software packages, database systems, internet accessibility, teleconference systems, and computer-aided learning materials. These facilities are linked to printers, plotters, and scanners, and scanners, and are designed to meet the needs of each school, including language

  • Library and Learning Resources Center

The Center for Leaning Resources and Educational Media has an extensive collection of books, E-books, periodical, government publications, statistical and reference sources, maps, and audio materials. A wide range of electronic library services is also provided. The library website, “Library Online”, contains comprehensive information about library services and resources.

  • Scientific and Technological Instrument Center

The center provides equipment for teaching, training, and research to school and public. All laborites are well-equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments.

  • The Center for Academic Services

The center for Academic Services was established primarily to support quality education and disseminate new-found knowledge to the public, to strengthen the community, and to contribute to the social and economic development of the country. The Center’s main mission is to organize academic activities, such as conferences and training programs, to seek external customers in order to bring in revenue, and to serve as the University’s outlet, by providing academic and research services to external organizations.

  • International Affair Division

This division provides the international standard and systematic operation to service and foster the international cooperation with universities, institutes and organizations around the world to achieve the University vision. International Affair Division comprises of 5 affairs; General Affairs. Scholarships and Academic services, Public Relations and Information, International Collaboration, and Student Affairs, each affair has their own particular functions and responsibilities.

  • Living and Learning Support Center

Living and Learning Support Center provides support and assistance for students’ personal development and gives advice in the study skills, such as reading techniques, memorization strategies, time management, report presentation, etc. It also gives psychological consultation to any students who are having a rough time in their study, their personal life pr social life. A student can come in to talk with the staffs and the counseling psychologist who are always willing to help them.

Resources Centers

  • The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center

The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center provides state-of-the-art facilities for Chinese language and culture studies. The building is spectacularly designed in typical Suzhou architecture, with a generous grant from the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

There are exhibition halls with Chinese artifacts and painting, computer laboratories equipped with multi-media tools, libraries with Chinese textbooks, reference, periodicals and maps. Supported by the People’s Republic of China, The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center is the only one of its kind outside mainland of China.

  • Confucius Institute

On November 4, 2006, the Confucius Institute at Mae Fah Luang University held a formal unveiling ceremony, in collaboration with Xiamen University, P.R. China. The Institution aims to provide Thai learners of Chinese with Superior learning conditions, promotes Sino-Thai cultural exchange, and enhances mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Thai people.

  • The French-Upper Mekong Sub-Region Academic Cooperation Center

The French-Upper Mekong Sub-Region Academic Cooperation Center at Mae Fah Luang University is a center of knowledge transfer between France, Thailand and GMS countries. The center has a mission to promote academic cooperation between France and Thailand in the areas of science, social science, technology, language and culture and to exchange knowledge and experience between France and Thailand.

  • Mae Fah Luang University Business Incubator (MFUBI)

Mae Fah Luang University is one of twelve university selected to be a pilot “university business incubator” to promote entrepreneurship across the University. The Thailand University Business Incubator Project was initiates and is financially supported by the Bureau of Student Development, the Commission on Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, aiming create a nurturing environment for faculty, students, graduates, staff and other entrepreneurs to incubate commercially viable ideas into products or services.

Other Facilities

  • MFU Hospital

MFU Hospital provides diagnostic services with conventional, applies Thai traditional, and alternative medicine. It also provides health advisory and training services to students.

  • Post Office

A licensed on-campus post office offers postal services such as mailing and receiving of letters and parcels.

  • Banking Facilities

There are 3 banks on campus:

  • The Bank of Ayudhya Plc., MFU Branch, is located on the 1st floor of the D1 building.
  • The Bangkok Bank Plc., MFU Branch, is located on the 1st floor of the D1 building.
  • The Government Saving Bank, MFU Branch is located close to the 7-Eleven shop, the University Avenue.
  • MFU Book Center

This is the center for distribution and sales of books, educational media, and stationery.

  • Indoor Stadium and Sport Center

This multi-purpose indoor stadium offers various indoor sports facilities as well as physical fitness rooms. It is open to both MFU staff and the public, to promote sports activities and exercising.

  • Students’ Dormitories

Intended to encourage students to develop their social skills through living together, learning together and helping one another, the Students’ Dormitories, which are supervised by University’s staff and guarded round the clock by security officers, offer a complete range of living and learning facilities, such as desks, beds and mattresses, internet access, TV rooms and studies.

  • Transportation
  • Inside: MFU provides electric carts around campus. (Free of charge)
  • Outside: MFU provides university vans to pick up from Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai Airport or Bus station to MFU (Free of charge), the public bus from MFU to town (15 baht / Trip).