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English for Professional Development: Programs Mission

Collaboration among countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region and ASEAN community has strengthened regional development in diverse areas and leading to abundant mutual projects. A good command of English, an understanding and awareness of cultures combined with knowledge of current global issues, are key elements that facilitate communication and collaboration. The ultimate goal of English for professional development Program is to produce scholars with advanced knowledge and skills in English for international communication, a research mind and strong leadership. We also look forward to creating prospective graduates who are not only well-rounded in current global situations but also able to make adjustments in response to changes. These valuable human resources attributes are needed to propel their local communities, countries, and the regions for optimal mutual benefits.

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SALLC will bring out the language learning potential of students’ independent study and drive changes in their learning strategies, by providing excellent services and facilities for both students and staffs.


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