Doctor of Philosophy in English for Professional Development

Teaching and Learning

This program is taught mainly in English.


Plan 2.1

Major required courses

Major Elective courses

Doctoral Dissertation

18  units

12  units

36  units

Total 66  units


Core courses Elective courses

–  Theory and Research in English Usage

–  Dissertation and Research Paper Writing

–  Theory and Research in Second Language Education

–  English Language Program Management and Policy

–  Research Methodology in English for Professional Development

–  Current Trends and Innovations in English Language Research

–  Corpus Linguistics

–  Policy and Planning in English Language Education

–  English as a Lingua Franca in Professional Contexts

–  English Language Program Evaluation

–  Intercultural Communication

–  Globalization and English Language Program Management and Policy

–  Seminar in English Language Program Management and Policy